Mazda MX-30 wins 2021 DieselCar and EcoCar Magazine Awards

The MX-30 has won many awards this year the most recent being the Best Electric Compact SUV title in DieselCar ad EcoCar Magazine’s annual awards. Editor Ian Robertson said: “We’re big fans of the MX-30’s neat design, which pays tribute to the RX-8 sports car with its freestyle doors.” Mazda’s “eco-conscious” approach to its design and build was also noted by the magazine.
Commenting on the practicality of Mazda’s decision to make an all-electric vehicle for the everyday, Ian adds: “A smaller battery helps the MX-30 undercut rivals on cost … plus weight is kept low, helping the MX-30 drive with precision and little body roll.”
With a range that covers most people’s day-to-day use and the ease of overnight charging or fast-charging when required, the MX-30 has already proven itself to be ideal for the needs of its early owners. And with the same ‘Jinba Ittai’ spirit of car and driver as one that runs through Mazda vehicles, every drive in the MX-30 is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.
The award-winning Mazda MX-30 offers an exciting new way to experience all-electric driving. Have you tried it?