Edwards Loyalty Benefits

Because we care about your custom, we want to reward you

When you buy a new or approved used car from Edwards, or visit our service department, you will be automatically entitled to benefit from the following:

  • Free Puncture Repair
  • Free Bulb Replacement*
  • Free broken number plate replacement**
  • Free remote battery replacement***
  • Free wheel alignment check****
  • Free wash and vac with every service
  • Free seasonal check and screen wash top-up
  • Free body/paint repair estimates
  • Free battery check
  • Free labour fitting of wipers blades
  • Free shock absorber performance testing and report

For as long as you continue to use our dealership Edwards will give you more and ensure that you receive our very best levels of customer care.

Conditions Apply:*Standard bulbs, excludes Zenon, bumper removal etc. **Broken or MOT fail. ***When required. ****Adjustments additional cost.