Edwards Business Offers

Whether you’re running a 1,000 car fleet or looking for your own company car, our dedicated business specialists here at Edwards Motors are on-hand to help you with your every requirement.

We are here to help any business, no matter what size, make the right decisions with regard to vehicle acquisition or lease. Similarly we have a wealth of experience in advising individual company car drivers.

Working closely with our manufacturer partners enables us to offer relevant guidance for our business customers. In addition, our own business specialists have acquired many years knowledge and experience of working in the corporate vehicle market.

At Edwards Motors, we ensure that our business specialists are conversant in all the financial packages available with each of our car marques. This means that they can use their knowledge to deliver the best solution for customers. Edwards corporate specialists will help advise on the best financial choices to achieve your business’s goals.

The vehicle marques on offer at Edwards Motors all come with great warranties and insurance packages, as well as a superior level of standard equipment. What’s more, they are all available for superbly-competitive rates. Don’t hesitate to contact our Mazda or Kia sales departments to find out how we can accommodate your corporate needs.