Shock Absorber Testing

When was the last time you had the shock absorbers checked on your vehicle? Shock absorbers are very important safety elements that need to be checked and maintained. They are not that easy to check for visible signs of wear and tear as they are located underneath a car’s wheel arches. But they are what keep your car’s tyres gripping the road. Plus they help your car when braking and cornering.


  • Longer stopping distances due to a reduction in braking efficiency
  • Under-performance of any Electronic Stability Control (ESP) and Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) technology
  • Increased skidding and aquaplaning risks in wet weather
  • Impaired control during cornering or in cross winds
  • More wear of tyres and other suspension related components
  • Passenger discomfort
  • Increased difficulty when towing

Your shock absorbers are part of the suspension, and if they are worn they can seriously compromise your vehicle’s safety, ride and comfort. One method of testing if your car’s shock absorbers are worn is the ‘bounce test’. When you push down on the bonnet if it bounces more than once it may be a sign that the shock absorbers have deteriorated.

If you suspect that your car isn’t handling quite as it should be then book it in for a suspension check by calling Edwards Motors on 01905 828825.