Wheels and tyres

Keeping your tyres in an adequate state of repair is crucial to ensuring that your car is safe and roadworthy (not to mention avoiding a fine of up to £10,000 from the authorities).  Satisfactory tyres (i.e. those that do not have any lumps, bulges or tears, and with a tread depth above 1.6mm) improve the performance of your car, lower fuel consumption and, most importantly of all, mean that you can rely on your car’s grip and handling in emergencies.

It is therefore essential that you check the air pressure and tread depth of your tyres regularly, as well as inspecting them for damage or deterioration – this need is particularly pressing if you regularly carry heavy loads or tow a trailer/caravan. Naturally, being in constant use means that all tyres will need replacing at some point.

As a general rule, we always recommend replacement of original-fit tyres with identical items.  The reasons are logical – your manufacturer has spent many thousands of hours testing your vehicle in development and the exact specification of those tyres is an integral element in the handling, braking and even road noise level of performance of your vehicle.  You can of course specify a different replacement brand based on personal preference or cost but in the main the original-fit tyre will deliver the most appropriate level of safety and longevity for your vehicle.

As ever, advice costs nothing so feel free to discuss your requirements with our experienced service team.

We stock a considerable range of original-fit tyres onsite and can generally offer while-you-wait fitting.